Abstract from the Rules ITC

Abstract from the Rules ITC


Wine samples can be sent in by winegrowers who grow grapes and wine in one of the Slovenian wine regions or in other countries. The winegrowers have to be registered as grape and winegrowers with the competent administration unit. The quantity of the individual wine sample in stock is min. 1.000 l for normal vintages, for special quality wines – late vintage or selection min. 500 l, for berry selection, ice wine and dry berry selection min. 50 l and for equally special wines min. 50 l. These minimum quantities have to be indicated in the annual harvest declaration.


Evaluation wine samples are to be delivered by the participants by mail or they are collected and delivered by authorized representatives of the evaluation organizer before the deadline set and published by the organizer in the call for evaluation.


The following quantities have to be delivered for the evaluation:
• six 1 litre or 0.75 litre bottles
• seven bottles with 0.5 litre or smaller


Each individual wine sample bottle has to be provided with label or tag indicating the following: winegrower, wine kind and designation (wine sort or name), geographic origin, vintage, alcohol content. Each sample has to be entered on the entry form. The entry form has to contain all data indicated on the form. The entrant undertakes to provide true information. The commission reserves the right to exclude entrants providing false information.


The evaluation commission consists of experts coming from all three Slovenian wine regions and at least one evaluator from abroad. The evaluation follows the 100 – points method recommended by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (O.I.V.), International Union of Oenologists (UIOE) and the Federation of Largest International Wine Competitions (FMGCIVS). QUALITY AWARDS FOR EVALUATED WINES A wine sample that attains a certain number of points can receive the following award: Traminer regardless of the type of wine, colour or vintage: ITC grand gold medal with certificate for wines graded 90.00 – 100 ITC gold medal with certificate for wines graded 85.00 – 89.99 ITC silver medal with certificate for wines graded 80.00 – 84.99 ITC bronze medal with certificate for wines graded 75.00 – 79.99 ITC – CHAMPION: the highest assessed wine (the condition is a gold medal and at least 25 wine samples in each assessment category) receives the title of champion. Three champions are awarded for: Traminer with a selling price of up to € 10.00 / per bottle, Traminer with a selling price from € 10.01 to €
20.00, and Traminer with a selling price above € 20.00 / per bottle. The price per bottle is considered to be the winegrower- winemaker’s selling price including tax.


For 1 to 9 samples the price is €50.00 / per sample.
For 10 and more samples, the price is €42.00 / per sample.
All prices are exclusive of VAT. The registration fee must be paid prior to the start of the assessment.


The promotion of the evaluated wines is taken over by the fair organiser at the exhibition and public wine tasting which take place during the International Fair of Agriculture and Food Industry in Gornja Radgona. Participants who wish to designate the evaluated wines with the award received are subject to conditions as laid down by the Awarded Wines Designation Rules (Attachment 1) and have to obtain the permission of the organiser. All award symbols are protected.


The official promulgation of the evaluation results and award ceremony takes place during the AGRA International Fair of Agriculture and Food Industry in Gornja Radgona.

Gornja Radgona, May 2019